Today I met a mom who is raising her son alone.. Her husband left the country, abandoning her, literally leaving her with so much debt it is overwhelming.

Yesterday, I met a mom who left her husband, the father of two precious children, because he was dealing drugs behind closed doors.

Last week, I met a mom who’s husband left them with no food or water and no means of support while he was in search of work in another state.

Sill another mom, happily married struggled to find peace with herself after gaining weight and disliking who she had become.

And before that? I met a single lady who desires to be loved but, having struggled to find a man who is willing to commit, she struggles.

The stories continue as I continue to meet these women.. Each has their unique struggles yet, what do they have in common?

What you can’t see here is that each of these ladies is determined.. Their focus is not on the pain they feel but the goal and the hope that exists within them.. They are in it for the long haul, moving mountains, breaking molds and thriving..

You see, they have realized they DO have what it takes to makeethe most out of life… Was it easy? Not at all.. Are they exhausted? Absolutely! Do they know where they are going or what they need to do next? Not always.. But they keep on moving forward..

Each one of these ladies reminds me that life isn’t easy but if we keep moving forward, keep making the best of a horrible situation, keep striving for excellence, we eventually see bits of success.

You see, the differrence between a successful person and one who is not has little to do with the situations life presents each of us but has everything to do with our attitude in the moment. Sometimes this means looking for the spec of light when the room appears pitch black.. Or taking a step in the direction you know is right when the way is not too clear. Sometimes it means defining your goals and making a plan to get there…

Whatever it is, you CAN do it.. You’ve got what it takes…you just have to believe it’s true.