Today, I had the honor of interviewing a beautiful woman of God on 108 praise radio.
Her story of how she learned to triumph through pain was inspiring to say the least.
Have doctors gkooiven you false results?
Have you lost everything and thought why do I ever bother to pray and believe in a God you have not seen?
Doctors spoke death over her life  but God said Not Yet!
Nehemie St Georges was told she would die by the time she reached 13 years old.
Though she fought with a life threatening disease she managed to go after everything they said she couldn’t have.
Click below to hear just how she chose to embrace her challenges and is now serving those whom she’s been called to serve.
During this show, Nehemie talks about the needs of her orphanage and school in Haiti that you can assist with.  Time is of the essence as she leaves for Haiti at the end of August
You can connect with Nehemie in the following ways:
IG/Twitter: NehemieSpeaks
Crisis 2 crown Inc
PO BOX 26204 Tamarac FL 33320