Years ago, I came to a realization.  As a young girl, I had grown up constantly looking for my Prince Charming to come and whisk me away from all of my troubles.  It was this mindset that stopped me from accepting the one man God had for me as he was.  I had to stop looking to my husband to be my Prince Charming and start realizing that not only was he a Viking fighting the battle of life but actually join him in the battle of life.

Out of that realization came these stories that I’m publishing now:

Book 1 – Choose Your Viking is the story of a modern maiden who learned that she needed a Viking in the battle of life instead of a prince on a white horse. But not just any Viking would do…Available today in eBook format and will be coming soon in print. 

Book 2 – Viking Battle Heart is the story of that same modern maiden as she becomes a woman, fighting to keep not only her marriage together but also to ensure her family thrives in a world that is constantly fighting against them.  Release date to be announced soon!

Book 3 – Know Your Viking is the story of that same modern woman learning to look beyond herself and into the heart of her Viking as he prepares for battles they didn’t expect. Release date to be announced soon!

It is my hope that these books will encourage you, motivate you and inspire you to dig your feet in to fulfill your calling and fight the battle of life with all that you are.