Below are a few of the interviews Melissa has been asked to participate in in the past few months.  Click the links to watch and/or listen.

The Angela Foxworth Show, 108 Praise Radio

March 13, 2017

Dads4Life, Straight Talk for Parents

March 13, 2017

Too early to worry about who your kids will marry? No.. not really!

More than Prince Charming … there is a need for a Viking.. one who loves, cherishes, and takes care of others!

As parents we are always concerned about who our children select to be their mate for life! Tonight Melissa will share insights of her story of selecting her Viking and what parents can do during a critical time of our young adults lives

Lady Purvis, Truth Talk Radio


March 6, 2017

This month is Women’s History Month and we certainly want to honor our women. Today, we celebrate, International Women’s Day. We will take some time to honor women who we know and may not know. TRUTH TALK RADIO will present our special segment called, “The 10 Minute Money Make Over” with our Financial Guru friend, Dawn Dickerson. Tonight, we will also be graced with Authors Keith Jowers and Melissa Ruth. They will bless the audience beyond measure with the books and ministry that reaches the multitudes. You know, I can’t allow this evening to shut down without talking about our very confused and confrontational president and how they are doing everything to take the first African American President’s Legacy away, THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. Get some green tea or coffee and call or text somebody and tell them TRUTH TALK RADIO IS LIVE AND TURNED UP!

Authors in Business Book Signing

Microsoft Store in Austin, TX

February 4th, 2017

Fox Trap Radio Show

Oct 25th, 2016,


D.T.T.O Radio show

October 13th, 2016,


CAPBuilder Radio Interview

CAPBuilder Talk w/Marc Parham – Desiree Lee and Featured Authors
Listen as many Authors in Business join Desiree Lee and Marc Parham to share about their calling that brought them to publish their books.