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Sword and shield

My daughter told me about this anime show where the guy can only hold a shield when he’s fighting. Apparently, if he picked up any other kind of weapon in battle, he could die. The gal in the show became his sword. The song based in the show says, “you be the shield and I’ll be your sword.”

Yeah. Did you see the correlation to the married couple? I spent a bit of time while we were driving pondering who would be the sword and who would be the shield in the marriage…would the man be the sword because he’s fighting for his family’s survival or the woman because she’s fighting to keep the family together? But the alternate could be true. Truth is, we all battle with the spiritual forces.

And then it came to me.

We EACH must alternately be the sword and the shield while trading responsibilities. Sometimes, we must be on our knees praying as the shield while the other is at battle and sometimes we are the ones at battle and the other is praying as the shield.

The great picture here is as we are alternating between the shield and the sword, we need to understand that each role is equally important and both are our jobs.

Lastly, can you picture how much more effective we would be in our battles if we were both protecting our marriages by reading our Bibles and talking to God constantly, praying for our spouse and the battles they are fighting each day. We don’t know the specific battles our spouses will face forcing the day but God does. Therefore, today, I will choose to be the shield for my husband and, not only that, I will choose to be the shield for my children as well..

MADE for Change!

Some time ago, a friend asked me to prepare a speech on adapting to change we didn’t want.

I had intended on presenting that speech at a TEDx style talk but that didn’t happen.

However, the response to my speech was unanimous – every single person who heard it exclaimed how much it helped them in THEIR moment and they did not even know they needed it.

This book, MADE for change, came from that speech.

Every single one of us is presented at some time with change we didn’t want.

We lose a job, we are transferred to a city we don’t like, we lose a spouse or a friend or a colleague, we are told our health is not the way we want it.

So many of these things can keep us down if we let it.  We might blame ourselves or others while sitting in the dark, waiting for the change we didn’t want to go away.

You may have heard it said, “When life gives us lemons, we need to learn to make lemonade.”  However, I want to encourage you that that lemonade does not have to be sour.  MADE for change will help you find the sweetener you need to make that lemonade not too sour and not too sweet.

Tonight, my first printed copies came in.  I recorded a video to share this moment with you:

Are you excited to read it?  There are many ways you can purchase MADE for Change!  You can purchase the ebook or the paperback here:

OR – for a limited time – you can purchase your very own autographed copy direct from me!

Go to this page to order:


Ode to my Viking

Many who are reading this don’t know me personally. Based on what you’ve read via social media, you may be tempted to think I’m this great woman who has persevered through many trials.
What you don’t know is what happens behind the scenes. You see, although I wish it weren’t so,  I am not all that amazing.  My family will testify to that fact. I tell more than I should, I spend too much time talking and not enough time listening and the list goes on and on and on.
Contrary to popular opinion, no one is perfect.that said, in the heat of attraction, one wants to believe the person they are with is perfect.
When I met my Viking, a little over 20 years ago, I was a mess. I wanted to believe I was a princess deserving of a prince but had accepted the fact that I was more like a fallen princess who deserves nothing.
I found peace and forgiveness in my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ and had accepted that I was more than I felt I was and made the choice to trust God more than my own feelings or emotions.
Around this time, a man came into my life who saw the raw but healing holes within me and wanted to join me in the battles of life that we both knew were ahead of me.
He didn’t have to but he was the model of Christ to me.  He saw me as a forgiven woman, cleansed of all wrong doing, a woman who was imperfect but that he wanted to love and walk with thru the rest of our lives on this Earth.
We’ve gone through a lot since those days. 21 years later, I’m just as messed up…if not more and he still stands by me.
Sure, he would admit he isn’t perfect but he is kind and loving and forgiving even though I generally don’t deserve it. He chooses love and honor when he could rightfully choose anger and resentment.
Why am I sharing this with you?
Because I want you to know that true love isn’t all about the feelings you feel when you are with that person, or the belief that you are complete when with that person. True love is deciding to stay with that person even when they hurt you. It’s going into battle with them because you committed to be their partner for life.  It’s acknowledging everyone is human and allowed mistakes. It’s about forgiving and being willing to pick up that sword and shield for them no matter what.
I don’t deserve it but I’m ever so thankful this Thanksgiving for him and his choice to love me.

Preparation and Teamwork

With the advent of Harvey here in Houston, David and I thought it would be good if we took Community Emergency Response Training through FEMA. It’s offered free every couple of months. You can see more about what the training is specifically here.

I’ll be honest, I thought it was just some sort of class where you show up, read from a manual, listen to a few speakers and learn a bit more about safety in natural disasters but it is so much more.  Each session is 3 hours long and there are 8 sessions.

This was our second session.  I’ll admit – I was nervous about it.  I knew we would, in theory, be putting out a controlled fire but I have never used an extinguisher before.  I knew the theories but had never held one. As a young child, I was terrified of fire consuming our house at night and slept with my door closed specifically because I wanted to be sure I had time to get out in the case of a fire.  As an adult, you could say I have my head stuck in the sand or my hands over my ears and my eyes closed shaking my head saying “nope. nope.  nope. not going to happen here.” But we all know it’s possible.  In truth, I knew enough that I believed that as long as I knew the theories of how to put out a fire, I’d be able to do it if I had to.  That is perhaps true.  However, in CERT training, they leave nothing to chance.  Practice makes perfect and this is a great way to start.

The training is at a local fire station so I get the sense that we get a unique view of firehouse strategies as well as the training provided by FEMA.

We donned our gear – a hard hat, safety goggles, and gloves.  We all took a deep breathe and me the Chief out at the pit.   Immediately, I’m looking at the fire extinguishers and coming up with hundreds of reasons why I can’t try using that extinguisher.

The gloves are too big…the extinguisher is too heavy….my hearing aids might melt…I don’t need to do this. I’ve seen the videos, aim at the base and sweep.  DUH  

Looking around, it was clear that very few of us wanted to actually do it but I noticed something as each person mustered up the courage, picked up that extinguisher and attempted to put out that fire.  The ones who walked up timid and unsure of themselves just could not manage to put out the fire. Each of them had to muster up their own courage to do MORE than picking up that fire extinguisher and aiming.  They had to be determined.  The ones who walked up to that fire and said “I’ve got this.  You, fire, are going nowhere.”  They were the ones who were assertive and successful.

I resolved to take the bull by the horns and tell the fire who was the boss.  After all, at this point, I have 4 firefighters and they are in control of the heat. I grabbed that extinguisher, pulled the pin, squeezed once to test and off I went.  SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP.  DONE. That fire went down.  I put it out!  After that, I felt like I could do anything.

It was really cool to see that once we did it, we each felt an incredible sense of accomplishment and a comradery unlike anything else.   Each of us knows now that if we encountered a small fire, we would know what to do and, without a doubt, would know the right process to take to put it out.

The training further teaches that when we are responding to an emergency, we won’t always have the fire department nearby and so we must work as a team (both with fire extinguishers but only one active at a time).  They both yell FIRE so others know around them and then one person leads, starting with yelling “Going in!”, the other has their hand on the shoulder and follows, responding in like “Going in!” ensuring that they have heard and are responding.  While person 1 is focused on the fire, person 2 is focused on the surroundings (what is the floor like, is there any threat that might hinder person 1, no tripping hazards, etc), as the person 1 sprays the fire with the extinguisher, the 2nd person is still ensuring the surroundings are safe.

One would think that everything stops once the fire is out (after all – that’s the goal).  However, the teamwork doesn’t stop there.  When exiting, the 2nd person takes the lead, turning around and leads the 1st person (who remains facing the fire in case it re-ignites and they have to return).

“Going out!” person 2 says followed by “going out!” by person 1.  Person 2 has their hand on the shoulder leading person 1 who is walking backward, watching the surroundings and ensuring person 1 doesn’t fall.

A quick high-level video can be seen here of what that looks like without the yelling and alerting.

As you can imagine, in an emergency situation, taking appropriate action and working as a team with everyone on the team is incredibly important.  It’s not up for debate.  It’s not even an option to not put your best foot forward.  Lives matter in that instance.

This entire experience impressed upon me the reality that we must find a way to do the same in our day to day jobs.

It’s NOT about making it to the end of your shift or the end of your project.  It’s not about just getting through the day.  It’s also not about giving your least so you can give your best to your side business or your family or your hobby.

Your job that you are doing today has importance and you must do it with the same gusto as you would if lives were depending on it.  Ironically, lives ARE depending on it.  That co-worker who has an ill family member really needs their job.  That sales associate who is dealing with the customers – she has huge medical bills.  That customer you are serving  – they need you to give it their all so they leave the interaction with you knowing they made the right decision.

As you can imagine, if lives are depending on your work then your department…no…your whole company must work as a team.  Teamwork with the same goals (put out x fire) and coming out on the other side in one piece while saving lives in the process.  There’s no better feeling.

Treat this week as though putting out this fire with your team will saves lives….after all, it may just be yours that is saved.

Vikings of Faith: When pain gets in the way

Today, I had the honor of interviewing a beautiful woman of God on 108 praise radio.
Her story of how she learned to triumph through pain was inspiring to say the least.
Have doctors gkooiven you false results?
Have you lost everything and thought why do I ever bother to pray and believe in a God you have not seen?
Doctors spoke death over her life  but God said Not Yet!
Nehemie St Georges was told she would die by the time she reached 13 years old.
Though she fought with a life threatening disease she managed to go after everything they said she couldn’t have.
Click below to hear just how she chose to embrace her challenges and is now serving those whom she’s been called to serve.
During this show, Nehemie talks about the needs of her orphanage and school in Haiti that you can assist with.  Time is of the essence as she leaves for Haiti at the end of August
You can connect with Nehemie in the following ways:
IG/Twitter: NehemieSpeaks
Crisis 2 crown Inc
PO BOX 26204 Tamarac FL 33320

Change Hackers Radio Show July 8, 1pm EST

Hello, Everyone!

It’s time to for the indelible Melissa Ruth‘s show, Change Hackers- Mastering Change in all areas of life! With special guest Leap Don’t Look, Regina Crayton, Saturday 8 July, 10 am PST on Coach on Fire Radio

In this episode:
1. If it’s your passion – monetize it
2. If you would do it for fun and make money at the same time – go for it
3. If you think about it just about 24/7- why not just do it?!

Connect with Regina:

Regina’s Free Offer:
LEAP, Don’t Look SPECIAL LIVE Stream registration FREE to the first 10 people to follow her on Instagram @gina_inspires_la AND comment “GINA Inspires LA with Coach on FIRE”

Listen Live –

Call in – 323 642 1156

Change Hackers with Melissa Ruth and Regina Crayton

Vikings of Faith Show July 8, 9 am EST

Vikings of Faith has changed broadcasting times to make it easier for you to call in and ask questions.

It’s the same great show but live at a new time! (9 am EST)
We hope you will join us!

Call in and ask Melissa Ruth and her guest Regina Crayton the questions you are itching to know the answers to. How did she make the switch from employee to entrepreneur? What did she have to change

How did she make the switch from employee to entrepreneur? What did she have to change

  • What did she have to change in her mindset to be successful in this battle?
  • What kind of battles should you be prepared to face?
  • What kind of battles should you be prepared to face?


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Vikings of Faith with Melissa Ruth and Regina Crayton


How I became an animal rescue enthusiast overnight

Before I begin…I do know this post is not the normal post for me on this site but, today, I am making an exception. I hope you will pardon the change for today….

It was supposed to be a normal Sunday.

A day where I would go to church and then come home and update the blog, develop my webinar content and write some more of my 3rd book. I had big plans of sitting at my computer most of the day getting caught up.  After all, the laundry was done, the groceries had been purchased and all the errands were complete.

All of that changed when my husband opened the back door to go to his truck.
I was still getting ready for church. I hadn’t fully decided on my outfit-though I was dressed-hadn’t done my makeup and hadn’t even brushed my hair when I heard him say, “Oh, Melisssaaaaaa.” The tone of voice was one I had heard before. It meant no good. I came down and he opened the back door to display a passel of stray puppies clearly hungry. 

3 puppies

“I found them eating out of our garbage.” He says. “I have to get to church. Maybe get them some water?”

So, I hiked up my skirt and ran back inside to find whatever I could to fill with water while he took off.
They drank like they had never drunk before. I went back in 3 times for more water.
Their tails were wagging and they were full of kisses.


And then, all of a sudden, I froze. A big ferocious looking dog comes bounding around the corner with determination. I wasn’t sure if I or the puppies were dead meat but I was pretty sure this was the end. She did NOT look friendly.

My mind scattered hundreds of ways. My eyes darted looking for ideas of where I could scurry. I cried out in my heart wishing David had not left but so glad the kids and our dog were safe inside. 

That lasted for less than 30 seconds..


That big dog quickly wagged her tail, kissing the pups and drinking the water with them. Momma bear was so thirsty and so glad to find her pups that I became an instant friend.
I breathed a sigh of relief. “Whew. Well hello momma.” I said as I petted her back and accepted her kisses.

“Now what?” I thought. “THREE puppies AND their momma?!?! I clearly can’t keep them. My landlord will have a fit…they will destroy the house for sure. I know. I’ll call the constable…”

Family pic of strays

Family pic of strays

I quickly placed the call for the Constable as all the puppies began to find some semblance of peace. They were all cuddled up against our garage door resting. Momma took a bit longer to calm down but was resting by the time the Constable showed.

He asked if I knew who they belonged to or had ever seen them around. He then asked if I was going to care for them until a shelter could be found. I informed him our dog wasn’t going to have any other dogs in her yard and we could not keep them. He said we would be lucky if anyone could come out on a Sunday but be would make some calls. 

A few minutes later he informed me they would be here by noon to pick them up and to feed them so they stayes out until animal control could pick them up.
So I did.
6 bowls later, they were full and happy.

I figured we could make it to noon. 

I posted lost animal notices on all the social media sites in case their owner was missing them. I scoured the posts of lost pets to see if anyone was missing a family of pups. No luck.
Noon came and went but no animal control came by. I called the dispatch for the constable but they laughed and said no one would pick them up on Sunday. I called the Houston SPCA and they informed me they don’t pick up pit bulls.
At this point, I’ve now been warned by many that pits don’t stand a chance in Houston. I’d also been covered in so many kisses and loves from these guys that I knew they needed a home. The momma even tried to climb in my daughter’s lap. (Note that these are actually NOT pits – but Mastiffs)

Ellie and Momma

The day got hotter and the pups became lethargic. I began to worry they were overheated. At one point, while i was on faceboom live showing the puppies, I realized one had climbed under a car and was not moving. His labored breathing concerned me. Another was weak and tired and not moving too great either so I opened my laundry room door in hopes to give them some cool air to refresh. I lost my laundry room at that point but within 30 minutes of dragging the weakesr one in there, they began to look like they were coming alive again. Even momma seemed like she was feeling better.

Pup Family Cooling Off

I contacted every shelter I was told about, scoured the web for rescues. But it was a Sunday…worse…the Sunday before 4th of July.

I posted and shared videos, I called more shelters.

Houston has hundreds of shelters and rescues. One, in particular has 800 animals. Another shared they are 3x over their limit. Most of the shelters here euthanize animals that may be hard to adopt (like pits) in order to make room for others coming in. Most strays get 3 days at the most before they are euthanized. Many rescues told me they were in dire need of foster families. My heart broke over and over to hear these stories. It became painfully clear they weren’t going anywhere for the night.
We rigged some guinea pig fencing across the driveway because I was concerned they might run if there were fireworks. I was also concerned because momma was protective of her pups and our neighbors had reported other strays in the neighborhood.

I sat outside with them in the heat, speaking softly and ensuring momma kept calm and they did not run out of food or water. I also didn’t want them to tear up anything but the puppies were too weak to care. 

When our dog (Mandy) would come out to go potty, they would watch her with sad eyes as if to say “We want to be on the other side of that fence too….” Only Momma wouldn’t let Mandy anywhere near the pups.

Watching Mandy

I went to bed after spending almost the entire day with those dogs unsure they would stay the night. I knew the makeshift fence I had wouldn’t hold them if they chose to go. I also knew by this point that their chances were limited.
I woke up this morning sunburnt and mosquito-bitten but knowing they would need sustenance and not wanting them to tear anything up as they became more awake, I ran downstairs.  

I took more pictures and posted more posts, sent more emails and went back to my desk to work. 

By 9 am, they were rambunctious and getting antsy.  They needed more than I could give them.  I called Animal Control to come pick them up in hopes they will find a home but I am so sad that I cannot more easily find their owners or a shelter. 

They all need flea baths and the pups look like they have worms … momma didn’t have a chip so no idea if her owners will find her but Animal Control was 100% positive that they were dumped.

Animal Control

Each of them are so precious that my heart breaks that they may not ever find a family to love them and take them in. My heart especially broke for momma who loves her pups and keeps them safe. They’ve had a tough time of it and I wish that wasn’t so.

So, this morning I’m praying for a miracle. That someone will see these adorable dogs and adopt them or foster them..that they will get the help they need…that they will find true love in the form of a family. Will you join me?

Update:  The shelter says they are Mastiffs.  Momma is less than 3 years old and the pups are rated as 13 weeks old. The owners may have been found.  I look forward to hearing they are reunited and seeing each of them again in their home.

Here are the links to their adoption pages at the shelter:


Brown boy pup:

Brown girl pup:

Runt girl pup:

7/5/2017 update: shelter informed me that the owner called to claim them all. They expect him to be in today.  Impound fees are $40/pet and $10/day/pet with a requirement to get them all rabies shots and licensed within a certain period of time. If he picks them up today, that will be $280 at minimum.  I feel for him. Had I had any inkling that these were his dogs and how to get ahold of him, I would have kept them at the house a little longer.  

P.s.  They told me he claimed they are boxer mixes which I can kinda see when looking at pictures. I’m not a dog expert by any means so I really don’t know.

All the pups

Chrissy Bernal: Everyone can make a Difference

Special guest Chrissy Bernal, author, creative Communications & Marketing, Homeschool Mom of unique twins, Special Needs Parent, Marine mom, Speaker, Empowerment Enthusiast Consultant Recorded live on Saturday June 10

Chrissy Bernal joins Melissa to discuss the notion of using your challenges to inspire change and everyone can make a difference. Chrissy was on both shows and each show took on a different flavor. Listen to the replay by clicking on the picture below: In this Episode:

It’s about transitioning your thinking It’s about finding what makes you unique and using that as a platform. Learn to see where God is shaping your journey organically. What happens when you pay attention to your experiences?

About Chrissy Chrissy is an Author, Writer, former Homeschool Mom of unique twins, Special Needs Parent, Marine mom, Speaker, Empowerment Enthusiast, and Creative Communications & Marketing Consultant. Her children’s book “Sienna’s Locket” is available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. She appeared on shows such as 20/20, Inside Edition, and Anderson Cooper and graduated with a BA in Mass Communications/Journalism from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Chrissy believes that each of us has something unique and we should focus positively on that. Chrissy’s vision is too inspire and educate people to see their uniqueness, with this do great things and see their greatness as well as use their challenges to inspire change For more on Chrissy


The Woman Behind the Smile on Change Hackers and Vikings of Faith!

I recently had the honor of interviewing a woman I’ve been itching to talk to for quite a while.

While both interviews were of the same great author and speaker, each took a different turn.  Both shared valuable information about how to rise above unwanted change and devastation that seemed to come over and over.

Debby is a woman on a mission.  In her book, “The Woman Behind the Smile” she shares her personal experience with a love that turned into betrayal and financial disaster and she removes the mask of shame and shows others how to do the same.

These are shows you really want to listen to – whether you are single or married, male or female, there’s something for everyone in these shows!

You can listen to the Vikings of Faith show here:

You can listen to the Change Hackers show here:–episode-2

Learn more about Debby and get her book here:

Thank you Debby for two amazing interviews!

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