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Renewing Your Viking

These past few weeks, I’ve been working on a little journal for married women.

The journal is presenting some technical issues prior to release but I’m so excited about it that I’m determined to work through those technical issues to get this journal released asap.

Why?  What is in this little journal that makes me so excited?

Nearly every week, I meet a woman who wishes she had married a Viking instead of the prince charming she thought she married.  I try to sit with each one of these women I meet and go through a process I’ve developed to help them find their love again but, so often, I just don’t get the option to walk them through this process completely.  In addition, I’ve learned that, while the process helps, they need to put the concepts into action in order for them to get the full effect.  Renewing Your Viking is a small journal which allows them to do just that…I’m so excited!



Recently, I had the opportunity to share more about Choose Your Viking and the concepts in it via a few media sources.  I am beyond honored to be asked to join these amazing media outlets to share about my book and future plans.

If you have visited here due to hearing me on one of those media sources, welcome!

If you are just now hearing about these interviews, feel free to listen to them by going to the following link:


Author in Business Book Tour





If money was not a barrier, I’d travel to every part of the world, sitting down with each of you to encourage and inspire you to see the world as an open book waiting for you to fill the pages.

If time was not a barrier, I’d  walk with you on your journey as your own personal cheerleader, cheering you on every step of the way.   I’d help you see the positive of the battle you are facing currently.  I’d help you to see you can get past this horrible tragedy. I’d walk with you day by day, framing your experiences of the day in a positive light.

If physics was not a barrier, I’d sit on your shoulder whispering God’s promises in your ear so you would never forget how much He loves you even when it feels like life is out to get you.

However, the truth is money, time and physics are all barriers to my desires.  This, however, doesn’t stop me from trying.  It is largely why I wrote Choose Your Viking and why I continue to write my books.  You see I cannot physically meet each of you or sit on your shoulder or spend personal time coaching each of you but I can write my books, put them out there and share them with you.

It is also why I am honored to be  part of the Author in Business Book Tour and am begging you to come.  It isn’t often that you can actually have personal time with authors who write their books.  This is an exclusive moment for you to listen to, speak with and be inspired by some amazing authors who feel the same way I do.  They want to invest in you!  So, what are you waiting for? Register today for the AIB book tour!  It’s tomorrow, January 14th at 3pm to the Microsoft store in the Houston Galleria mall.  Register at  Space is limited to be sure to register immediately.

If you aren’t available but know people nearby, please feel free to share.

While you’re at it, let me know you are coming!  I want to be watching for you!

Post on my Facebook page, send me a tweet or Instagram comment!

p.s.  If you just want to buy my book, you can buy it by clicking on the following links:

click here for the paperback
or click below for the eBook:


Why read Choose Your Viking?

Many times when we read books, we have no idea what was running thru the author’s minds when they wrote it.

However, today, I decided to record a little more about what Choose Your Viking is about. 

Click here to watch the video now. 

Let me tell you a story…

Mary was sitting next to me on the plane. She was in her early 20s and excited about her destination. She began to share with me about her life. As she is sharing, she mentioned, “My boyfriend isn’t with me. He’s working in a factory and can’t see living in another country other than his own….” She continues as her voice takes on a more serious tone. She almost whispers, “I’m really not sure he’s “the one.” He just … Isn’t what I pictured.” Her voice trailed off as she absorbed what she had just said aloud.
Mary is just one of the reasons Choose Your Viking became a book. As I continued to speak with her, it became evident that even young girls who have grown up overseas have a tendency to set their expectations of a future husband so high, they never actually fully commit to a relationship.

She obviously had feelings for him and, as we spoke more throughout the 4 hour flight, I began to see her heart strings being tugged as she realized she missed him. 

I had been contemplating writing the book for years but it was at that moment, I kicked myself. I not only didn’t have the book to give her, I didn’t have the posture as a published author to share my heart completely. I hadn’t honed my message for clarity.

I continue to hone my message so that the message is clear and now I know that if I run into another Mary, I’ll not only have the book but I’ll have a strong message to share.

You may know a Mary who is struggling to find her way. If you do, I ask you to consider purchasing a book for her today. Today is the final day of this sale.  The eBook is on sale for just $2.99 and the paperback book is on sale for just $5.99. The price will go up again tomorrow to $9.99 for the eBook and $12.99 for the paperback. The links are below:



Choose Your Viking

Choose Your Viking and the series, “My Viking Is Not Your Prince Charming” has a dream.

It’s dream?  To ignite the people of today to be who they were called to be.  To stop waiting for life to show them what they are supposed to do, to stop waiting for the door to open and the red carpet to be rolled out, to grab hold of their destiny and start investing in their world.

You see, too often, we are taught to fit into a mold.  Yet, we do not realize that that mold is not for everyone.  Life is not just about going to school and getting a degree so you can make a living.  You are here on this earth for a purpose…to love others, to invest in others, to invent something that changes the world or to share a story that changes the lives of others.

Whatever your purpose, stop waiting for someone to show you the way and take the first step.

Don’t let your past define you.  Don’t let the unknown stop you.  Don’t let the world tell you why you are here.  Only you and God can determine that together (p.s.  He already knows).  Has he told you what your first step is?  Is there a dream within your heart you know you must fulfill?  What is the first step to fulfilling that dream?  What must you do today that cannot wait?  I know it is there.  You just have to look for it.

You were born for more than this.

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Print books and video trailer now available!

A lot has happened this week!

A video trailer for my 1st book has been released!  Watch it here:

http://<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Please consider sharing it with your friends!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, my first ever print books have been delivered!
Order your copy at
I’ve recorded the opening of the box and my first ever view of the book in print. Watch it here:

http://<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

My Viking Is Not Your Prince Charming

Years ago, I came to a realization.  As a young girl, I had grown up constantly looking for my Prince Charming to come and whisk me away from all of my troubles.  It was this mindset that stopped me from accepting the one man God had for me as he was.  I had to stop looking to my husband to be my Prince Charming and start realizing that not only was he a Viking fighting the battle of life but actually join him in the battle of life.

Out of that realization came these stories that I’m publishing now:

Book 1 – Choose Your Viking is the story of a modern maiden who learned that she needed a Viking in the battle of life instead of a prince on a white horse. But not just any Viking would do…Available today in eBook format and will be coming soon in print. 

Book 2 – Viking Battle Heart is the story of that same modern maiden as she becomes a woman, fighting to keep not only her marriage together but also to ensure her family thrives in a world that is constantly fighting against them.  Release date to be announced soon!

Book 3 – Know Your Viking is the story of that same modern woman learning to look beyond herself and into the heart of her Viking as he prepares for battles they didn’t expect. Release date to be announced soon!

It is my hope that these books will encourage you, motivate you and inspire you to dig your feet in to fulfill your calling and fight the battle of life with all that you are.

I was tempted….

It was the end of the day.. A Wednesday in fact.. I laid my head down on my pillow and sighed…

It had been a long day.. Only it was like every other day these past few months.

I had plenty of reasons to whine, cry and sulk.. I was maybe even justified to list in my head all of the reasons I was tired of being tired..

I won’t go into all of the reasons or even all of the pain because it does not matter. I could have curled up in a ball and cried myself to sleep..

or I could have lashed out at my loved ones as if they were to blame.

I could have even melted away, resolved that it would never go away and it would always be this way. There were so many options.

I was tempted… Tempted to do it all.. To give up and stop fighting, stop striving for better. Just to melt against the pressure.

Have you ever been there? Does it ever feel like it’s too much? Too much stress, too much work, too much money…. And the list goes on.

Guess what? You aren’t alone.. God sees your pain, your struggles and even your desire to make it all go away.

Did you know that a pearl would not be a pearl without irritation and pain? The irritation of the sand coupled with the pain in the muscle are what turns a piece of ugliness into something beautiful.

I share this with you not to debate why bad things happen to good people but to give you hope and strength:

Hope that you are not alone.

Hope that you can trust God and His plans.

Strength to make it thru this trial..

And even strength to make it thru today.

Now that you have the hope and the strength, I want to encourage you to find a mentor, a friend or family member who you can trust to pray for you when it’s dark all around you…to hug you when you are stressing out and to shower you with memories of when good things happened.. You will overcome as long as you continue on.

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